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Outline of Georgia containing an image of two UGA farmers. Sprig of blueberry plant rests above.

Science in Service of the Future

Each year, we are proud of the work we are doing in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and this year is no different.

We have increased our research capacity across the college, expanded our innovative programming for CAES students, and launched new initiatives that support Georgia citizens. 

As we look into the future in CAES, there is much we can accomplish together as we lead the way in agricultural innovation here in Georgia and around the world.


CAES Dean and Director

Headshot of Dean Place.
Headshot of Dean Place.

Science in Service of the Future

Each year, we are proud of the work we are doing in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and this year is no different.

We have increased our research capacity across the college, expanded our innovative programming for CAES students, and launched new initiatives that support Georgia citizens. 

As we look into the future in CAES, there is much we can accomplish together as we lead the way in agricultural innovation here in Georgia and around the world.


CAES Dean and Director

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Strength in Numbers

Data points for 2023

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Strength in Numbers

Data points for 2023



Credit hours generated


Undergraduate students


Postsecondary students enrolled


Students studied abroad

collage of images that inclues three women walking on a sidewalk on Athens campus, Olivia Cook - student ambassador, colorful building facades from a cityscape

Research & Development


New faculty startups in development, all revenue-generating


Active student startups, all revenue-generating


Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) Fellows supported


Contestants in the FABricate entrepreneurial pitch contest


Postdoctoral research associates


Research expenditures, a 1.7% increase


New awards, an 18.6% increase


Federal funding, a 25.1% increase

Two stacked images. Top image consists of male researcher in cornfield taking analytics. Two stacked images. Top image consists of male researcher in cornfield taking analytics. The bottom is a group of people in a garden.

Alumni & Giving

Private support for the college totaled $12,681,362, the third-highest total at the university, excluding UGA Athletics


Total raised in private funding for a new Poultry Science Building


Increase in annual giving dollars and number of donors from fiscal year 2019


Living CAES alumni


CAES alumni donations


CAES alumni living in Georgia


$710,146 in scholarships awarded in 2023 

651 awards benefiting 474 CAES students

8 new student support funds created


$36,563,453.38 total endowed CAES funds

229 total CAES endowments

UGA CAES student in a greenhouse, holds tray of small plants.


Student Spotlight

Ariana Cohen,
CAES Ambassador

Headshot of Ariana Cohen.
Group photo of CAES Ambassadors.

Meet CAES biological science student Ariana Cohen. Her involvement with the college's international agriculture certificate program has influenced her decision to teach English classes abroad before pursuing her next venture in medical school.

Through medicine, education and service, Cohen is dedicated to strengthening marginalized communities and improving quality of life for those who have limited access to vital resources.

It’s unbelievable to me how much I have grown as a person through my exchange program in Pamplona, Spain. My experiences abroad have opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed before, and they have motivated me to continue stepping outside of my comfort zone and exploring new things in the future.”


Biological Science, Class of 2024

Ariana Cohen stands on a pier in front of the ocean in Spain.

From the moment I stepped into Conner Hall for the first time, I knew there was something special about the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. After that first visit and being shown around by ambassadors and CAES faculty, I knew that no matter what major I decided on, I wanted to be a CAES student. The welcoming and supportive staff, combined with the opportunity to acquire an education of the highest quality make the CAES a place like no other. I have been able to find my place both academically and as a member of the tight-knit CAES community here at the University of Georgia.”

Olivia Cook,
CAES Ambassador

Agribusiness, Agricultural & Applied Economics, Class of 2026

Headshot of Olivia Cook.


Serving Georgia Communities

UGA Extension and Georgia 4-H support counties across the state

Sunset over skyline of Atlanta, Georgia city.


UGA Extension translates the science of everyday living for families, farmers and communities to foster a healthy and prosperous Georgia.


County Extension agents and more than 900 Extension employees serving all 159 counties


In-person contacts in 2023, up 9% from 2022. Of these, 170,771 were related to health and wellness, and 424,050 were related to agriculture


Continuing education units provided to clients in fiscal year 2023, up 52% from fiscal year 2022


Diagnostic samples for soil, water and disease in fiscal year 2023


Educational Contact Hours delivered from all Extension personnel and certified volunteers, up 52% from fiscal year 2022

Georgia 4-H

In 2023, Georgia 4-H’ers explored programs highlighting agriculture, STEM, civic engagement, leadership and healthy living. These programs were delivered by county faculty and staff with support from nearly 5,000 volunteers across the state.


Youth participated in 4-H educational programs — up from 152,040 the previous school year

Three 4-H participants in front of legislative building.

“Georgia 4-H provides opportunities for youth to learn, grow and thrive. Our programming is centered on experiences to help youth find their spark and engage in a learning environment that creates a sense of belonging and fosters developmental relationships with caring adults. We seek to provide a pathway that leads to academic and vocational success, employability, civic engagement, happiness and well-being.”


Georgia 4-H State Leader

UGA Extension and 4-H Logo.


Our Proudest Achievements

Sources of success in 2023

Close-up row of sprouting seedlings in a farm field.
Man tends to food production equipment in facility.

Food Product Innovation & Commercialization Center

Operating in a state-of-the art facility in Griffin, Georgia, the Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center (FoodPIC) helps food companies take products from conception to market launch.

Bunch of grapes hang from a vine.

Winegrowers of Georgia Internship Program

The CAES Department of Horticulture supports Georgia’s growing wine industry with the Winegrowers of Georgia Internship program. The state generated more than $5 billion in vineyard-related revenue in 2022, according to the National Association of Wine Growers 2022 Economic Impact Study.

Food-science researcher examines small tomatoes in a lab.

Center for Food Safety

From studying the way blue light technology affects foodborne pathogens to designing innovative technology for data processing, the team at the Center for Food Safety is pushing the boundaries of technology to help protect a safe and secure global food chain.

Female researcher leans over desk. Male researcher looks over her shoulder.

Regenerative Bioscience Center

UGA’s Regenerative Bioscience Center is a collaborative unit of researchers from a range of disciplines and institutions. The center is making great strides in developing new cures for devastating diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and stroke.

Close-up of hands examining data tray.

New Doctoral Program in Regenerative Bioscience

UGA has introduced a Ph.D. program in regenerative bioscience to be administered jointly by the Regenerative Bioscience Center and CAES. This pioneering effort sets UGA apart as the first institution in the state to provide a doctoral program in this field.

Beekeeper removes section of bees from top layer of hive.

World's First Bee Vaccine

CAES and Dalan Animal Health have teamed up to advance the world’s first honey bee vaccine. The vaccine received a conditional license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Center for Veterinary Biologics in early 2023.

Farmer adjusts irrigation system over crops in field.

Institute for Integrative Precision Agriculture

Established in 2022, UGA's Institute for Integrative Precision Agriculture brings together interdisciplinary researchers to develop next-generation technologies that will provide holistic solutions to problems in food, agriculture and forestry.

Group photo of UGA rural scholars.

Rural Scholars Program

The CAES Rural Scholars Program recognizes incoming first-year UGA students from Georgia’s rural communities who have excelled academically and show strong leadership abilities. Through generous donations and additional funding from CAES, we have invested over $250,000 in the Rural Scholars Program.

Line of ribbon cutting attendees stand in front of the new poultry building behind red ribbon.

Poultry Science Building

A new home for UGA's next generation of poultry scientists and industry leaders officially opened its doors on Oct. 6 as CAES dedicated its new Poultry Science Building. Federal, state and university funds as well as private donations supported the construction of the $54.1 million facility. 

white painted wall with black line

A Flourishing Blueberry Industry

$348.7 M

CONTRIBUTED to Georgia’s economy in 2021

CAES is supporting Georgia’s flourishing blueberry industry, which contributed $348.7 million dollars to Georgia’s economy in 2021.

CAES researchers are tackling farm management, production and yield, harvesting, packaging, price trends, consumption, import and export trends, and policies that specifically impact the Georgia blueberry industry and the Georgia fruit and vegetable industries at large. 

A man drives a blue harvester

A harvester picks rabbiteye blueberries. (Photo by Rory Register,

A harvester picks rabbiteye blueberries. (Photo by Rory Register,

Overhead perspective of person holding a tray of picked blueberries next to blueberry bushes.


Faculty Spotlight

Promising stroke treatment

New stroke-fighting cell therapy enters clinical trials

Regenerative Bioscience Center Director Steve Stice

Steve Stice sits at work in his lab.

When someone has a stroke, their brain cells start dying, explains Steve Stice, D.W. Brooks Professorship, GRA Eminent Scholar Chair in Animal Reproductive Physiology, director of UGA's Regenerative Bioscience Center and professor in the Department of Animal and Dairy Science. As those cells die, they release damaging particles that cause extensive inflammation. 

“What our product does is mop up those damaging particles,” Stice said. By doing that, the therapeutic also prevents other brain cells from dying due to inflammation.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the new drug to enter a Phase 1b/2a clinical trial, which is expected to begin in the first half of 2024. Stice and his team will continue to perform comprehensive research and discover new treatments to improve lives.

Steve Stice and fellow researcher at work in lab.


Awards & News

The year’s top honors

Students walk to class outside UGA building.


UGA’s Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut is part of the U.S. government’s strategy to fight hunger and poverty around the world. In 2023, the Peanut Innovation Lab won the Corteva Agriscience Award for Excellence in Research, an honor that recognizes an individual or team for career performance or outstanding research of significant benefit to the peanut industry.


CAES Almanac, the college’s print and digital annual publication, tells stories of science in service of humanity and the environment and illustrates an overarching view of the college’s impactful mission areas. The award-winning magazine is mailed to 27,000 stakeholders and garners 10,000+ views online.


On Cultivating Curiosity, we speak with CAES experts and industry leaders on all the ways science and agriculture touch our lives, from what we eat to how we live. You can find episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

United in Learning, Growing & Solving

UGA CAES is a conduit for leading-edge science education and research opportunities for students statewide. With campuses in Athens, Griffin and Tifton, CAES students have the opportunity to work with nationally recognized and awarded faculty in plant pathology, horticulture, agricultural and applied economics, crop and soil sciences, and more.

Every day, CAES researchers are in pursuit of breakthroughs that will positively impact the state of Georgia. Our Extension agents sit down with farmers, city leaders, business owners, school children and families to teach, listen and help communities thrive. 

Tractor plowing field.


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